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Oz-Events.com is happy to exchange links with sites with a similar philosophy. Please look at a Links Category and submit a description that's formatted like those posted there. Please describe the primary content and services you offer and please keep it short. Allow one week for posting your link. In exchange, please post our web site link on your site.

Oz-Events.com reserves the right to reject any link it deems unsuitable or inappropriate. Oz-Events.com also recognises that some institutions may not be able to provide a reciprocal link, but it makes sense to be listed here (Consulates & Embassies come to mind). In those cases, please send a note with a brief explanation and your link will be posted at our discretion.

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Oz-Events.com is where Australians and friends living and working outside of Australia can find functions and events relating to or organised by or for Australians. Hundreds of cultural, business, sporting and friendship events are held in every country every year. This is the place to find them.

Our URL is: www.oz-events.com

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