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Oz-Events - a new service for Australians overseas

Oz-Events.com is a new service aimed at linking all Australians and their friends, living and working outside of Australia, with events organised by or for Australians. See it here: http://oz-events.com

There are many groups, both government and private organisations, that organise hundreds of cultural, business, sporting and friendship events every year, in every country. Events are generally promoted by the organiser, but unless you are aware of that particular organisation, you may not hear about the event.

Oz-Events.com is designed to overcome this limitation and to funnel enquiries back to the organisations.

From an event organisers point of view, Oz-Events.com is simplicity itself. It is a post-it-yourself service, that does not require registration. There are no logins or passwords to remember. Simply fill out the form and the event is posted immediately. Oz-Events.com uses a unique and secure identification technique, which allows the poster to return and edit his event, if required.

The user experience is easy also. The front page displays the events organised by date. Click on a country to immediately see events filtered by country, then choose a city to narrow the choice further. Alternatively, a full search is available to find exactly the right event. Hovering the cursor over the event summary on the right, pops up more detail on the event and its location.

Best of all, the service is free to all.

Remember, it is not just Australians overseas who are looking for events, but also Australians preparing to travel overseas for business and pleasure, who would love to know about events in their destination city. Also, it is not just Australians who attend these events, but friends, aquaintances, business associates and others, who may also be planning to travel to Australia. Therefore, major events in Australia are encouraged also.

You have nothing to lose and lots to gain, so 'give it a go', add your next event and let your network know about Oz-Events.com